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Ordering Cole Women's Ministry Bible Studies

The Cole Women's Ministry Bible Studies have been written by a variety of women from our church over a period of several years for the main purpose of Bible study for our own women. By word-of-mouth others have become aware of these studies and have asked if they are available to them as well. We are delighted to share with others what God has given us and have mailed our studies all over the United States to many different individuals/church denominations.

How can these studies be ordered?

  1. 1.We mail our studies at no charge. We do accept donations to Cole Women's Ministry, but that is totally up to you.

  2. 2.Upon request, we mail one complete set of studies and each group then makes the needed number of copies from that set.

  3. 3.To request one or more studies, call Cole Community Church (208-375-3565) and ask for the Women's Ministry Office. If you leave a message, include the study you are interested in, your name, name of your church group, mailing address and phone number.

  4. 4. We will try to mail out your requested studies within one week.

Our prayer is that as you study the Word of God you will fall more and more in love with the God of the Word.



Bible Study Ordering